Welcome to the Edmonton Midwifery Cooperative.

If you would like to receive care from a Midwife at our clinic, please complete an intake form on the Alberta Association of Midwives website: 


Please ensure that you choose Edmonton Midwifery Cooperative in the list of practices you would like to see your application. 

If you have a preference to work with one of our midwives you may state this on your intake form; It will help us try to match you up with your preferred care provider!  If you have any issues, or would like help editing your submission please email clientcare@alberta-midwives.ca

We look forward to meeting you! 

  • Step 1

    Apply for Midwifery Care on the Central Database. Please select The Edmonton Midwifery Cooperative as your preferred practice if you wish to receive care with our clinic.

  • Step 2

    Receive offer of care with one of our teams.

  • Step 3

    Arrange initial prenatal appointment in your first trimester. 

  • Step 4

    Routine prenatal visits with your midwives. We will see you more frequently as your pregnancy progresses. At your visits, we will perform standard prenatal assessments, provide requisitions for ultrasounds and lab work, and support you in decision making around your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

  • Step 5

    Birth in the setting of your choice.

  • Step 6

    Your midwives will come to you for home visits during the first week following your birth. 

  • Step 7

    We will provide care for you and your baby up until 6 weeks postpartum at the clinic.